Welcome to the BirdieHunterGolf.com® web site. My name is Dave Allen and my teaching philosophy will help put you on course to consistent game improvement. Through my teaching skills you will gain an improved understanding of how to hit the perfect golf shot, hence producing the perfect golf shot more often and developing straighter missed golf shots.

My private golf lessons help the student to discover and recover. They discover their ability to hit the perfect golf shot and recover when and improved after an imperfect golf shot.

The success of my students if best achieved through my teaching skills. Here I communicate the knowledge for the student to improve their ability to develop their golf game.

If You Are A Beginner…

Clubs will be provided for the lessons if none are available to you. Dave usually doesn’t recommend buying clubs until your lesons are over and he has a better knowledge of your game and physical requirements. Bring tennis shoes or golf shoes to the lesson as well as appropriate clothing.

Group Lessons

Throughout the season there are group “learn to golf classes.” Some are strictly for ladies or juniors and others are open to all. There are day and evening classes. Each session consists of six 1-hour classes. They are twice a week for three weeks. A schedule is available in the pro shop.

Playing Lessons

This consists of playing 3 or 9 holes with Dave Allen. The emphasis of the lesson will be on strategy. You will also be shown the mental side of golf as well as other playing tips.

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